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Meet the Professionals of Woods Fuller

The hardworking attorneys and paralegals of Woods, Fuller, Shultz & Smith P.C. are experienced, knowledgeable and committed to providing the highest quality representation for your legal needs.

As a full-service firm, we handle most any legal matter, from corporate transactions, banking, and real estate to litigation and family law.

Julie M. Allen

Julie M. Allen Associate

James D. Arnett

James D. Arnett Associate

Amanda J. Bahena

Amanda J. Bahena Shareholder

William G. Beck

William G. Beck Shareholder

Matthew P. Bock

Matthew P. Bock Shareholder

Morgan Brekke

Morgan Brekke Associate

Siri M. Buller

Siri M. Buller Associate

Melanie L. Carpenter

Melanie L. Carpenter Shareholder

Roger W. Damgaard

Roger W. Damgaard Shareholder

Joel E. Engel III

Joel E. Engel III Associate

Jordan J. Feist

Jordan J. Feist Associate

Brad C. Grossenburg

Brad C. Grossenburg Shareholder

Comet H. Haraldson

Comet H. Haraldson Attorney

Dan Harmelink

Dan Harmelink Shareholder

Aron Hogden

Aron Hogden Associate

J. Vincent Jones

J. Vincent Jones Shareholder

Sander Kline

Sander Kline Associate

Craig J. Krogstad

Craig J. Krogstad Shareholder

David C. Kroon

David C. Kroon Shareholder/Managing Partner

Christopher J. Lent

Christopher J. Lent Shareholder

Troy N. Leonard

Troy N. Leonard Shareholder

Elizabeth A. Lewis

Elizabeth A. Lewis Shareholder

Seth A. Lopour

Seth A. Lopour Associate

Lisa J. Maguire

Lisa J. Maguire Shareholder

Carey A. Miller

Carey A. Miller Shareholder

James E. Moore

James E. Moore Shareholder

Sander J. Morehead

Sander J. Morehead Shareholder

Shelly Munson

Shelly Munson Shareholder

Kristine Kreiter O’Connell

Kristine Kreiter O’Connell Shareholder

Jeffrey A. Proehl

Jeffrey A. Proehl Shareholder

Micah J. Schreurs

Micah J. Schreurs Shareholder

Tim R. Shattuck

Tim R. Shattuck Shareholder

J.G. Shultz

J.G. Shultz Shareholder

Justin G. Smith

Justin G. Smith Shareholder

Ryan W. Snell

Ryan W. Snell Shareholder

Heather R. Springer

Heather R. Springer Shareholder

Gregory S. Starnes

Gregory S. Starnes Shareholder

Gary P. Thimsen

Gary P. Thimsen Shareholder

Jennifer L. Van Anne

Jennifer L. Van Anne Shareholder

Alexis A. Warner

Alexis A. Warner Associate

James M. Wiederrich

James M. Wiederrich Shareholder