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Family Law / Divorce

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Family Law / Divorce Law 

Our family law attorneys are dedicated to helping people prepare for life changes. We provide advice and counsel in a number of areas affecting individuals and families, and their plans for the future. Our attorneys help clients navigate  an adoption, separation or divorce. We also work to protect personal and business assets through prenuptial and marital property agreements, secure protection orders and assist in obtaining a guardianship or conservatorship.


The process of adoption can be a journey, and it is important to understand the various types of adoption and the steps in the process. We assist clients with private placement, agency, step-parent and international adoptions.


We can help you obtain a guardianship or a conservatorship for a minor, or for an adult in need of assistance due to a disability or inability to manage personal or financial affairs. 


Prenuptial agreements establish the property and financial rights of each spouse in the event of a divorce. Our team knows how to navigate these agreements and can protect family businesses and other important assets.


We work with clients who need to change, convert, or identify the character of a piece of community property or separate property, or to determine how future income from separate or joint property will be divided.


Divorce is a complicated legal process and can have serious legal and emotional long-term effects. We guide clients through the legal implications, so they have confidence in their decisions through each step of the process.


Our attorneys can help navigate alegal separation, which is approved and ordered by a court and defines legally enforceable rights and obligations, without permanently ending a marriage. 


Clients rely on us to help guide them through the process of seeking protection from a family or household member who has demonstrated or threatened abuse.


Custody agreements protect parenting rights and ensure the best outcome for your children. Our family law attorneys will work to provide the best outcome for you and your children.


We advise clients on a variety of modifications including alimony, child support, child custody and visitation, and protective and peace orders.