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COVID-19 and Employment Law

We know employers are facing significant challenges and uncharted territory as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our employment law attorneys are tracking all legal developments at the state and federal levels to help in this crisis, including:

• Compliance and maximizing opportunities related to leave available under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act;
• Ensuring workplace safety and management in the face of state, federal and local orders related to COVID-19;
• Handling reductions in force and furloughs in a way to protect your employees;
• Review and renegotiation of contracts in light of COVID-19;
• Applying for the Payment Protection Program under the CARES Act; and
• Managing other business disruptions.

We provide the best and most up to date guidance as you navigate this difficult time, where the ground is constantly shifting under our feet. We know and care for the business community and are sensitive to the financial strain of this extraordinary situation. We are working with clients to minimize the economic impact on their businesses.

Contact employment law attorneys David Kroon or Heather Springer, or call 605-336-3890 for information on how Woods Fuller can help.

April 07, 2020